ARTEMIS is in Greek mythology the goddess of hunting, the forest, birth and the moon, as well as the guardian of women and children. She is one of the twelve great Olympian gods, making her one of the most important deities in Greek mythology. She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin sister of Apollo. I have just completed four large-format paintings after several months of work that required a lot of heart and soul. They are vibrant, modern depictions of four Greek goddesses from ancient mythology. These works were particularly challenging for me because I had already dealt with the subject of Greek mythology in depth more than 20 years ago and produced countless works during that creative period. After making a clean break with this phase in the early 2000s, I was convinced that I had exhausted all aspects of the mythology motif and would never return. But then out of nowhere, the goddesses forced their way back into my painter's consciousness with all their might. As an artist, I knew I needed to act on this revelation. Alas, the results are very different from my earlier paintings: The deities are the same, but the context is different. It was important for me to express my enthusiasm for Greek antiquity and love for late Renaissance painting and Mannerism in these works while also dressing them in the garb of contemporary digital and pop culture aesthetics. Whether I have succeeded or not, I don't know.


glamour of sex / glitz of violence


It's all about taste.


parallel dimensions


Just lips




From Greek Antiquity to Glossy

Manzur Kargar was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. At the age of 5 his family moved to Germany . He studied painting at the University of Fine Arts (HBK) Braunschweig and at the University of Fine Arts (udk) Berlin. He has lived and worked in Berlin since 1992, with periodical stays in Los Angeles and New York. In addition to being a painter, he is also a musician and composer, currently playing in the band ARTISTS ON HORSES.

In his early works, Kargar focused primarily on early classical art, looking all the way back Hellenistic Greece. But in the last decade, he has focused on reproducing mass media images of contemporary advertising through painting. His inspiration comes from glossy magazines, television and the Internet. The artistic exploration of “advanced” civilizations is central to his work. No matter which era inspires Kargar, he depicts the human figure as shaped by its time.

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Foto: Kai Heimberg

Artists On Horses

Well-known for their powerful and lucid performances, the members of Artists On Horses - Manzur Kargar, Henrik Drescher, Johannes Einfalt and Oliver Gröne - constantly develop on their new kind of music. Where art itself has its delimiter, music nourishes the meaning of word and sound.

Video: Ralph Meiling